Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Arrival to KAUST Week of 8/3/14

Oh my goodness I just don't know where to start! We LOVE it here!
The flights were smooth and transitions from USA to Germany and Germany to Jeddah were great. The KAUST airport wasn't busy and was a simple process to get through to KAUST. We were in our new home by 9pm Sunday 8/3/14 KAUST time and 1pm Dallas time.
Monday 8/4 we jumped on the bus and found our way to a coffee shop and had lunch and explored Discovery Square. Then found Tamimi Super Market for a few groceries and other basic necessities. They deliver for free right to your door! Everyone is so nice and courteous here! 
I couldn't wait for Richard to take a picture of me in my regular shorts and shirt walking the streets of KAUST so that I could send it home to mom to show her that I don't have to wear an abaya while in KAUST. Then I got to Skype with her last night and show her the house and the neighborhood. I think she feels much more comfortable now. I Skyped with my daughter Tiffany, too. Hopefully tonight I can Skype with my son Andrew and my grand-babies Ian and Audrianna.
We started orientation today, so we are really tired now. It was a long day, but so much fun. We met people from 5 continents! I am a people person so let me tell you I had a BLAST! Of the 18 sets of new employees this year, there are just 3 of us couples who are on our first international adventure. The other 15 employees are pros and have traveled all over. During the hurry up and wait game (patience time for ID processing and such) we probably had the chance to bond with every one of them. It really was a very unique experience that I will truly treasure forever.
Ok, I am tired and need to rest up for day two of orientation. Tomorrow is medical and other stuff. Plus, technology hands out laptops to the newbies. Guess what that means for the new Technology Director? Do we know who that is? hmmmm......Poor Richard. Can't even get through orientation without having to work first. BUT, I know he LIKES it here............

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