Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 More Adventures and More to Come!

Today we opened our Saudi bank account. I rode the bike to the square to meet Richard at the bank and arrived 15 minutes early. The bank doesn't open until 9:30. I was hot and sweaty. I stopped and bought a bottled water( a 1.5 Liter for 54 cents), went inside the Fed Ex office which is just around the corner from the bank, and found an air conditioning vent to stand under. I didn't realize how I looked at the time. I was wearing my dirty white ScrapArt by Keithia hat, I had my iPhone hanging from my landyard around my neck with my earbuds attached and in my ears. Needless to say white wires were drooping down my blouse because of the earbuds, my sunglasses were on because I am so sensitive to the brightness, and I'm standing in this one place under the vent. You get the picture right????

Well, it took me a few moments to figure out why a couple of Fed Ex employees are coming up to me and smiling and examining me like I was TROUBLE. Then I realized I looked like a uni-bomber. Oh my goodness. Only me!!!!!

I can get myself into some messes. But, one thing is for sure, most people around here remember me after one encounter. Hahahahahaha.
After all that, the bank finally opened its doors at 9:31, so I walked over to it and was the second customer through the door. Richard arrived a few minutes later and we finally opened our Saudi joint checking account. Again, excellent customer service. The agent noticed that I was cold and turned up the thermostat for me. You don't get that type of service back home. I am coming home in a few days and am looking forward to it, but I am also going to miss being treated as well as I have been treated here. I definitely am willing to come back! But I am in need of a grand-baby fix or two!

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