Friday, October 3, 2014

Heading Back East

The time has come to leave Texas. There was so much work to do with ScrapArt, then lost an entire week while hospitalized with that migraine, and then acupuncture started four times a week that I didn't have time to visit friends. But, I got plenty of art made for Catalina. Mom,Tiff, and Kristie enjoyed their first plane ride to California and we had a great girls trip. 
Fourteen special Catalina Collection pieces are now hanging in the Hermosa Cottage rooms in Avalon on Catalina Island, plus, ScrapArt by Keithia covered the cost of the entire trip. Pretty cool if you ask me. 
The last few days of this week I was able to make enough pieces for a Christmas bazaar at St. Martins Catholic Church for November 22 that mom and Kristie will work for me. All this to say I went home to work, work, work!!!! 
Yes, I had plenty of grand baby time, too. Love those munchkins and spoil them when I can. Will miss them so much. 

Gave a special piece of art to my driver on the way to the airport today Oct 2. Something about him touched me. He appreciated the piece. It is the Rich Adventure 2014 piece.
Nothing pleases me more than when I can put a smile on a face. And that's what I do through giving away my ScrapArt. :-)

I miss Richard more than I ever imagined I would. He melted my heart last week when he told me he knew he would miss me but didn't know it would hurt so much. Makes me rethink my original plan of coming home every other month. So now I'm thinking maybe 4-5 times a year. Plus the flights are soooo long. I think I have a game plan for grandbaby birthdays, spring break, summer and such. 

Now it's just 2 more hours til I meet Richard in Paris. My seat neighbor Kent and I clicked immediately as we boarded the plane and now knows my life story. Go figure, huh. Haha. He is on a missionary trip so I had to show him my ScrapArt plates and tell him while I was home I passed out plates to some strangers in East Dallas. While perusing through my gallery he chose to purchase two pieces. 

Life is full of surprises. I am one BLESSED woman, mother, daughter, sister, and wife! Watch out world here I come!

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