Saturday, October 11, 2014

We Will Take Paris Anytime!!!

Paris was more than we imagined. The subway itself was amazing. The language was so romantic. In the subway we heard instrumental music some nights and vocals other nights. Never knew what to expect.

Our days were filled with museums and sight seeing. So many gorgeous churches that I cannot wait to share with my special friends back home such as Sherri and Arvin. The peace that overcame us inside those walls was miraculous, but I guess one would expect such a thing. :-) the nights were saved for dressing up and going out on the town and finding live music. 

The old buildings are incredible. Living in the USA we don't realize just how old the world is. I hope my children have the opportunity to travel and experience the world as I am getting to do. Or at least learn something through my travels. 
The wine and cheese snacks were very romantic. Even though I had to stay away from the wine and allow Richard to enjoy most of it himself. It was the ambiance that mattered the most. This was the first vacation without a migraine. I attribute that to Dr. Paul and acupuncture.

We did lots of Christmas shopping and walking. 

OH and don't let me forget to include this beauty!!!

Our flat was on the very top floor, the 4th floor with an opening skylight allowing a view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Four suitcases over 50lbs to be toted up and down a spiraled staircase. Ha!!! What a site and a workout. All to say we had a very good workout this week. With all the fine cheese, French bread and great French cuisine, we managed to get in better shape. 

I met Eyad from Amman, Jordan on the plane and of course Richard was shaking his head because I had already introduced myself and my business card to Dr Khala from Amman. As I got to know more about Eyad and he my ScrapArt I discovered he is about to open a balloon shop and invited me to sell my art in his store. We will touch base later. Yes my friends this is the art and skill of networking. A little bit of Keithia and a little bit of a Northwood business degree I guess. Ha! 

To sum it up Richard had a very relaxing week off of work, I enjoyed not working my fingers to the bone 10 hours a day and we both loved every minute of time we spent together. Now we can go back to day to day living our lives with each other until my next trip to the states without him in February. 

What's next?????

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