Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My First Trip Alone into Jeddah

I'm on my way to IKEA
in a big coach bus all alone. 

I was texting with Andrew this morning and he asked, "What do you need from IKEA?" My response "stuff!" Of everyone who loves me, Andrew gives me the hardest time about my compulsive obsessive behavior. We are hosting a Bunco party for the 2014-15 KAUST Newbie teacher group this Friday night, so I need to get a few things to be prepared. 

Traffic was horrible!!!! 
I was the only passenger on the bus until 8:01am then a husband and wife got on. The ride in was an adventure. Always is but usually I have Richard to talk to. This time I focused too much on the driving and traffic.
The bus driver was relentless and came within an inch of hitting a car that pulled out in front of him. Not once, not twice, but many, many times. This is how every man drives in Jeddah.

I saw lots of interesting stores I would like to visit. And at IKEA there were so many things I wanted and bought and wanted to buy, but have to wait for Richard to go back with me. I could only take so much to the bus myself! 

But I did have to call him to meet me at the bus drop off so that he could help get the stuff home. THANK GOODNESS!

I’m sure I could make a habit of going to Jeddah daily now.

Today was a fun day and barely a nick in the budget!


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