Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One Year in Saudi Arabia!

Well, one year has passed since we arrived in Saudi. I am on my way to pick up my passport with my new name. After a year and a half of being Keithia Armand I finally got my name changed on my passport. I found it difficult to do with all the traveling I've been doing. I had no clue it would only take a week to do at the U.S. Consulate here in Jeddah. 

Richard and I have loved living abroad and haven't faced many cultural challenges. Our international friends are quite shocked when they learn this is our first international experience. It seems that Saudi isn't the first place most come to on their first journey. Haha. We just jumped in with no problems. 

I volunteered to help some with the new teacher orientation this week. It was so nice to meet the family's and offer help. I met some very nice people from all over the world. That's one of the favorite things I love about this place. The people! Everyone is always so friendly and I love getting to know them and their cultural background. And for my Texas friends, one couple is from Sachse! Small, small world!!

My son Andrew came to visit us for a week and we had the best time exploring the kingdom and learning some history about Saudi. Now to get Tiffany, Melissa, and Kelsey here. I know they will love it just as much!

Since my last entry I have visited places I never imagined I'd get to. Turkey, Africa, France, Greece, Italy, Spain.I even got to do the number one thing on my bucket list. I went on Safari to Africa. It was the most amazing experience of a lifetime. I will admit seeing the lions up close gave me the yearning to have a cat of my own. I have never been a cat lover, so you must understand this was not only a surprise to Richard but to myself as well. But we ended up adopting a 4 week old baby stray with no mommy and named her Safari.  She is one of the family now at 5 months old. 

 I overcame my fear of swimming with the fish and I am now snorkeling. I joined a ladies dive group but I go for the socializing and snorkeling. No diving for me. We shall see what another year brings. Ha! 

I still battle the migraines, but I have found that if I stay out of the buildings with the florescent lights and I don't exert myself too much I can manage the frequency of them. I have to wear sunglasses all of the time, so I'd probably look like a snob back home, but I fit in here as most of the women wear sunglasses most of the time anyway. It's a big fashion statement!
That's all I have for now. We have had an amazing year and we look forward to another one.